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Jul. 7th, 2016 12:50 am
taken from crossing_hades

What’s your first and second most common work ratings?

Teen: 116
Mature: 77

How many fics have you written in each relationship category? Is this more accidental, or do you have preferences?

Gen: 92
F/M: 98
F/F: 7
Multi: 4
M/M: 85

What are your top four fandoms by numbers? Are you still active in any of them, and do you tend to migrate a lot?

Breaking Bad (131)
Bates Motel (30)
House M.D. (23)
Oz (10)

I'm mainly active in Bates these days. I did a lot of House stuff, then moved to BB and I still update my WIPs in that fandom... but a lot of mean commenters showed up and I may have mused myself out.

What are your top two most used additional tags, and your bottom two? What would happen if you combined all of these into a fic?

Alternate Universe (39)
Backstory (16)
Season/Series 4 (5)
Season/Series 3 (5)

An AU backstory that happens in s3 or 4 of a series, apparently.

What are your top four character tags? Does this match how you feel about the characters, or are you puzzled?

Jesse Pinkman (113)
Walter White (59)
Andrea Cantillo (23)
Brock Cantillo (22)
and honorable mention of Caleb Calhoun (17)

I'm not very puzzled, although Walt is a douche. I ship Jesse/Andrea hard and I love writing about Jesse and Caleb respectively, so most of it makes sense.


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